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Information Technology for Medical Practices

The adoption of EHRs (Electronic Health Records), mobile, and remote technology is changing the way patient care is delivered and patient data is handled. Information is being shared across integrated and interoperable applications such as labs, pharmacies and billing, creating the need for infrastructure maintenance and support.

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Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services IT Outsourcing is a highly cost effective way to manage your internal network, information technology and servers. Compared to an internal IT staff, an outsourced solution provides access to broader use of technology and sophisticated applications for improved efficiency and functionality. Kali Systems has a unique focus on security, drawing upon a wide range of proven technologies effective at maintaining the confidentiality and availability of your data.

Remote Access and Mobile Devices

Remote Access and Mobile Devices provide convenience and portability. Yet laptops and thumbdrives are a leading source of security breaches, exposing patients to identity theft, fraudulent use of insurance information and negative credit ratings. Industry best practices such as secure remote access protocols, encryption, and intrusion monitoring provide protection for sensitive data entrusted to your care.

Application Integration

EHR Applications, Billing Services, Prescription and Laboratory Reporting frequently interface across the infrastructure of a modern medical practice. This interconnectivity requires knowledgeable oversight for the security and accuracy of data transmission. Kali Systems is familiar with many of these interfaces and works with many of the vendors to ensure stable integration with your key systems.

Virtualization Technology

Virtualization of Servers and Workstations enables higher performance, greater scalability, and rapid recovery in the event of a disaster. For these reasons, virtual machine technology is increasingly being deployed in healthcare. Security for remote access to your EHR while offsite is also greatly enhanced and is often a functional requirement of a practice. Kali Systems uses Red Hat Virtualization Technology, an industry leader in the field of virtualization.

Data Access, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) demands that medical providers take the steps to safeguard protected health information. These steps include proper handling of medical records such as managed access to patient data, monitoring, secure data back up and documented disaster recovery plans.

Kali Systems supports your compliance with workstation and access privilege controls, network and intrusion monitoring. Encrypted offsite data backup meets the standard for secure backup and provides the means for business recovery in the event of a catastrophe.

We recommend IBackup for HIPAA compliant offsite data backup. We gladly configure and install the backup agent to appropriately backup critical database data with 30 secure rolling copies and documented recovery procedures. Please click through for more information.


Key Alliances and Partners

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the industry leading platform for key production systems. It is our platform of choice for reliable and recoverable virtualized infrastructure for healthcare.
We are actively working with both eClinicalWorks and Amazing Charts practices to implement reliable IT infrastructure and aid these practices in meeting the challenges of Meaningful Use Attestation.
Best in class servers, security solutions and support including SonicWALL Unified Threat Management, secure wireless and gateway infrastructure. As Security Certified partners, we are positioned to provide competent solutions for medical practices in these increasingly regulated times.

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