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Information Technology Solutions

Workforce mobility, online customer and vendor facing applications and electronic data management are rapidly changing the way companies must compete to succeed in today's environment. Safeguarding the security of your data, implementing reliable backup and recovery plans and sharing functions across the workforce have become essential.

Network Design, Suppport and IT Outsourcing

Kali Systems designs, installs and provides ongoing support for wired or wireless infrastructure, including hardware, software, and peripherals. We specialize in proven industry best practices to deliver a secure network architecture.

IT and Network Outsourcing is a highly cost effective way to manage internal networks and information technology for the small and medium size business market. Compared to an internal IT staff, an outsourced solution provides access to broader use of technology and sophisticated applications for improved efficiency and functionality.

Data Security

Your Business Information is valuable, but is your data secure? With the rise of malware, identity theft, spam, and online threats, your business critical data deserves protection.

Kali Systems Implements industry best practices for firewall, workstation and access privilege controls, network and intrusion monitoring, remote access and mobile device security, network and email filtering. Encrypted offsite data backup means your business can recover in the event of a catastrophe.

We recommend using IBackup for HIPAA compliant, pre-encrypted offsite data backups with rolling historical copies. Offsite backups and recovery process should be part of any complete Business Contigency Plan. Please use this link to review and sign up.


Remote Access and Mobility

Remote Access and Mobile Devices provide convenience and portability. Yet laptops and thumb drives are a leading source of security breaches, exposing your business secrets, proprietary data, and client credit ratings. Industry best practices such as secure remote access protocols, encryption, and intrusion monitoring provide protection for your company data.

Wireless LAN Implementations

Maintaining connectivity to the internet through wireless connections on laptops, smart phones, and tablets is often critical to business function. Choosing the correct router and access point, and configuring them properly can be onerous. Kali Systems ensures the security of your wireless network through such configurations, supplies top of the line hardware, and can provide a segregated guest network for your clients to surf the "net" without risking damage to your production equipment.

Warehousing and Inventory Solutions

As Hawaii's premier Intuit Solution Provider (ISP) and Certified ProAdvisor for Point of Sale, Enterprise Suite and QuickBooks products, we design professional and reliable solutions to assure smooth operations for the long term. Our deep knowledge base, including over 20 years in financial services, will assure that your Point of Sale and QuickBooks financial products are accurately and effectively designed, installed, and integrated to maximize your system's performance. We provide onsite training and ongoing support.

Open Source Business Solutions

Software Doesn't Always Have to Cost More to provide function to your business. Kali Systems utilizes and supports many open source business solutions, including Linux servers, Apache web servers, and Sendmail for your email. Deploying these types of solutions address the needs of a small business without breaking the bank.

Secure Hard Disk Drive Data Destruction Service

Protected and Sensitive Data Destruction is regulated by State and Federal guidelines. Kali Systems provides secure and compliant Hard Disk Drive data destruction in accordance with NIST 800-88 standards (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Certificate of destruction available upon request.


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